Having heard the track  “Heaven” from Unkle featuring Gavin Clark, I started to experiment with it on the timeline in the editing stage. This haunting and enigmatic piece depicted the mood perfectly for my own preconceived ideas of what the film was trying to portray. This piece of music is a personal favourite of mine and fitted well with it’s extended track length for the 10-minute duration of the film. The final edit features the standard piece “Heaven” from the album “End Titles” and the alternative “Redux” mix. Both tracks and the album are available from Itunes here. Find out more about Unkle at . Find out more about Gavin Clark at

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3 Responses to Music

  1. Joan Starr says:

    That was a very good short story, it really did hold my interest and the music was an excellent choice!

  2. KTadmin says:

    Check out Unkle on the link to the right :)

  3. Was a good short story, like the photography and the music was an excellent choice!