Behind The Scenes

The film was predominantly made using Canon DSLR cameras including the 5Dmk2 and 7D and a variety of Canon lenses, with a small section using the tiny but versatile Go-Pro camera system. The time-lapse sequences were filmed using a dolly and a Canon DSLR and the film was recorded mostly in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree National Park, California.

“No Regrets” was very much an “off the cuff project” all made while whilst working in California on another photography project. The filming was undertaken over a 3 day period and included several very late nights for the night footage and time-lapse sequences and also included a ticking off from the police for filming in a restricted port area, although after a brief explanation they were very accommodating and allowed us to get a sequence in the bag before moving us on!

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15 Responses to Behind The Scenes

  1. Derek Smith says:

    Having just tried the HD video capabilities on my Canon 500D with the Canon 24 -70 f2.8 lens in a low light night club type situation and failing miserably I can only take my hat off to the incredible quality of the work achieved in this film. The music works perfectly with the mood of the story and the colour and clarity of the photography is amazing.

    Well done on your award Karl, it’s fully deserved. It’s back to the instruction manual for me I’m afraid.

  2. Richard Smither says:

    Well done Karl!

    That’s why I love my Canon 5D. Your photography knowledge can directly improve the quality of your video work.

  3. Jim Mattingly says:

    Karl, congratulations on your award! I’ve been learning from you for over a year now with your DVD’s and website. As a videographer for over 15 years and now getting into still work as a hobby, the bridge is equally challenging. Being amazed by the video capabilities of these new DSLR’s, I ask your opinion of Canon vs Nikon for video, and also, can you us me what steadycam rig you used and the accessories in making “No Regrets”. I need to make a purchase within a month for an upcoming job so your input is really appreciated.

    • KTadmin says:

      Hi Jim,

      I’ve not used a Nikon since the FM2 many years ago so I can’t comment on the current models :) We didn’t use a steadycam on this film all the kit we used is listed at the end of the film and we will be releasing a “making of” soon!

  4. Awesome visual feast! Your talent continues to amaze me, Well done I can’t wait to see more!!!

  5. Mark says:

    Nice job! I love the focusing, I’m not able to do that on my 60D. Good Luck! Ü

  6. Very well done! Great story and wonderful captures. Very inspirational.


  7. KTadmin says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind words and comments, we all appreciate the support

  8. frank garvan says:

    well done on your award i use a 5d& 5d 2 myself i love the way they handle
    i must get you video disc set one of these days soon i enjoy the way you work
    well done again frank

  9. Dawn Bradley says:

    Very well done ! Having a 7D myself, I am excited to see what you have accomplished. As always, I am glad to follow your work. You are an inspiring talent !

  10. Really well done Karl,

    Congrats for the incredible visual effects. A very good film with almost no budget.

  11. May Yoon says:

    Congratulations Karl and team, amazing work and thanks heaps for sharing your astonishing work all the time. There is so much too learn from you, seriously….!
    Will you be doing a tutorial on video filming on the 5D Mark II? Loved your work.. :)

  12. Hi Karl,

    Facinating work! your my mentor and I’m proud to be a student. You are really a model for us new enthusiast on still photography as well as videography. I would love the to see the making of this video.


  13. Michael D. Pinho says:

    Beyond words, very good, I have a son with inoperable cancer and he is so very inspired by your fine piece of art.

  14. alpesh says:

    amazing karl just superb keep posting your videos it really inspires me more, loved the music loved the video and your work



    alpesh ( india )