Cast & Crew

The film stars Colette Falla who had worked with Karl several times in the past and is now based in Los Angeles. The main camera work was undertaken by Karl with some additional camera work and help from Tim Gaudion who collaborates with Karl on many projects. Assistance was provided by Fabienne Ogier who is Karl’s studio assistant and Jon Bairds who works on the business website and marketing.

Karl is quite proud of the fact that whilst he was hoping Tim would produce a professional story board for the film, Karl had to scribble the entire script and filming ideas on an A4 piece of paper on the flight from London to LA and just finished it in the hotel room in LA about an hour before Colette arrived!

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31 Responses to Cast & Crew

  1. Hi Karl, hats off to you and your team for putting this together. I paticularly like the nighttime shot of the stars and the road scenes where the focus is blurred!
    Many thanks for sharing your film, would you mind me sharing this on my Facebook pages?

  2. rene de boer says:

    Hi Karl and crew

    wow verry nice job karl ,,i have enjoy it , wel done superb.
    voted best overall video in the Vzaar Video and Film Festival.
    bravo wel than ;-)

    regrads Rene

  3. Nauman Khan says:

    Awesome! Sir, This is very nice shooting & collectively very nice effort. I like it very much.

  4. Hay Karl. Congratulations for your award. Its a really nice piece of work.
    Cheers . . :)

  5. Keith Towers says:

    I thought the video was very well made, although my interest began to wane with the story line about 2 thirds in. Having spent the first half of my working life as a film projectionist, both cinema and at ABP/EMI Elstree Studios it was nice to see that you kept your scenes between 3 and 6 seconds.

    I use the 5d MKII and have often thought I would like to try the movie aspect of this camera. But as I am retired, and on a fairly tight budget, the edit software is a bit out of my reach to do a good job. I would love to do the life of a city pictorial set to the music of Miles Davis’ Aura.

    • KTadmin says:

      Sounds good Keith, I say just go for it. Final Cut Pro X is now only £180! We used Premiere Pro for the editing on this one, but final cut x would have done the job too.

  6. Fabian says:

    Muy buen trabajo, desde Chile, Slds.

  7. DerekPK says:

    What an absolutely fantastic piece of work. You and your crew have made a wonderful film and should be very proud. I enjoyed the whole film. Bravo.

  8. Samsul Huda Patgiri says:

    Hi Karl, really fantastic job done.I love the canvas…its so big and thought worthy.Thanks a lot and many a congratulation to you and to your actress.She evokes the surroundings so well.Your camera work is superb man.Hope to see many more in future.All the best .

  9. Kerri Humphries says:

    Loved your film, all the wonderful night scenes and time lapse, depth of field and angles, Fabby ! i have have secured a place at uni for creative industry practice in 2012 this course will include film making so will be keeping a close eye on your film making for some ideas and tips.

  10. Jay Haywood says:

    one day i hope to be as great as you .. well done to you all x

  11. KTadmin says:

    To everyone thanks for your comments and feedback :)

  12. Lee says:

    Three days? Are you serious? This deserves a massive round of applause to a hard working crew, you all must be so proud!
    Karl, I really hope you continue to succeed in whatever paths you choose to tred, you so deserve this.
    Salutes to one and all.

  13. Jan Maklak says:

    Karl: Congratulations to you and your team for a truly excellent short. I found it had the feel of a major production. I’m sure you’ve given a lot of people the inspiration to try to produce their own short. I see by the comments you’ll be producing more and I look forward to seeing your productions. All the best!

  14. Ivan Chacon says:

    Awesome work,not a surprise!!!

  15. Geno says:

    You’re a great master of DSLR csmera.Congratulations.

  16. Khalid says:

    Great start. A few comments though. Coming from a strong photography background it’s apparent that you’re unleashing a lot of techniques like depth of field and focal points into the film. I felt they were a bit too much.

    I also felt the story needed a stronger ending, maybe a twist or a surprise. But then that’s because I am a creative director and maybe my 30 second commercials all follow that pattern. :)

    Great job overall.


  17. nassrisa says:

    very nice work and directetion you are great
    wish you good time

  18. Ed Brumley says:

    I love your work and loved this short. I am unfamiliar with your selected musical artist, UNKLE, but I envisioned songs from U2’s “The Joshua Tree” album almost from the start of the movie. Although U2’s songs are more dated than UNKLE’s, and would have create a choppy mood change throughout the length of the short, I still think it would have worked. Furthermore, getting approval rights from U2 could be more of a challenge.
    Nevertheless, you have put together a phenomenal piece of work and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Great job!
    Ed Brumley

  19. Paul Kelly says:

    Some seriously nice work Karl, a really nice storyline well executed, with that music really pulling you in and making it a gripping, powerful short film. Fantastic camera work too, very impressed. A very well deserved award!

  20. Al says:

    Like the video Karl just up my street as I enjoy trying to be creative with my photography and video .This certainly has inspired me to carry on and make more videos

  21. Anthony Harris says:

    Hi Karl and Crew

    Well done both in the production and also in the receipt of your award.

  22. Vassos Kyriacou says:

    Karl. Everything that you have produced has inspired me no end. This production is no exception. Very many thanks for turning my hobby into a passion.

  23. Kumar says:

    Your creativity surprises me. To do all this work first time in such a short time and come out a winner is just amazing. Every time I watch your work I get inspiration and I am glad I subscribe to your news letter. No regrets!!

  24. Pascal Lee says:

    Excellent film Karl congradulations to you and your cast and crew a well deserved award

  25. Chris says:

    Great effort Karl, I can appreciate the amount of effort and pre-planning this must take and I am surprised you got an award on your first attempt, well done. I have to say though, after about 3 minutes I was getting bored, however, I do appreciate this was more of a visual compilation than a short film. keep up the good work.

  26. Tammy says:

    Creative, touching, suspenseful, absorbing, fearless. ART.
    A film I will revisit many times as it left me in control of the story line, like good poetry. Thanks!

  27. KTadmin says:

    Thanks every one for your feedback! :)